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Playing Catch: A Baseball Romance

Playing Catch: A Baseball Romance - Rachelle Ayala

Playing Catch is the first book that I have read by Rachelle Ayala and I must say, it was a real page turner!  I really liked the story line between Kirk and Jeanine.  They are two people who doesn’t sound like they’d make a good match, but in reality, they make the perfect pair.  They both have issues that bring them together, however, they end up healing each other in the process of a steamy love affair. 


Kirk, a minor league baseball player and Jeanine, a bartender/business owner come together on the precipice of helping each other “score” with the opposite sex.  Neither want to have more than one-night stands.  However, this pact only brings them closer together.  Neither one wants the other to actually “score”; they want each other for themselves.  They both need healing from their sordid pasts, and they find healing with each other.  This is a story about love, honor, family and healing.  Once you start this passionate tale, you won’t put it down until you’ve finished.